Festival Blanc 2016 -Barcelona

This year as partners of the Festival Blanc, coincides with its change of location from Vilanova to Barcelona. It represents a huge leap forward for the festival and we had the opportunity to experience it first hand experience.

vanguardgrafic blanc 2016

In this edition, Andrés Requena was the one in charge of the development of the graphic design. It was an honor having him sharing with us his creativity, embodied in all his creations.

Once the production was finished, we realized that all the a priori work of choosing together the papers, was the Key of the good realization of the project. We needed many meetings where we decided to change the used paper. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friend Eva de Torres Papers for her infinite patience.

vanguardgrafic festival blanc poster 2016

Andrés opted for the Munken paper range for most items. We also used standard coated paper, for parts not requiring offset paper.

All the articles (posters, leaflets and programs) were based on the use of the black ink and the predominance of white, in order to give meaning to the concept of “Blanc Festival” (White Festival).

The program had the difficulty that the cover was too thin in order to use the perfect binding, as the binding machines are designed to be used for creations where the cover is  thicker that the bookblock.

In this case, Andres reversed the concepts and transformed the cover into a bookblock paper. Together with the binding department we have overcome many difficulties: we have even had to increase the weight of the cover in order to make it possible.


The leaflets were produced on a 1-sided graphic board printed with the HP Indigo digital system and we also applied a relief digital varnish on the coated side.

We consider our participation as a challenge that allowed us to spend a few days in contact with great professionals. This year, our dear friend Toni Amengual presented his work, Albert Galeote presented the book we printed here in Vanguard Grafic and our dear friend Diego, accompanied by his daughter, shared with us in a very moving presentation, his experience

       IMG_9152   IMG_9126 .  IMG_9144


We will take this opportunity to explain that of all the new outcomes we have presented (digital relief varnish, Japanese papers, new finishes, digital paper 50 × 70, etc.) the most successful one have been our clouds …