Impresión Editorial

One of our great passions is paper. It is the main support of our work and a spectacular vehicle for your projects.
Through a pre-printing consulting process, we are able to provide your ideas with effective, sustainable and original solutions, turning your expectations into reality

Impresión Comercial

Posters, brochures, books on demand, signs, business cards, catalogs… Commercial printing is a versatile discipline and has had to become even more flexible since the advent of digital technologies.
Our commercial printing service, both offset and digital, will allow your brand personality to shine through all the projects you want to carry out.


Managing the complexity of this point is one of our strengths: it is increasingly important to correctly communicate your brand from the packaging. Efforts to find the best creative and technical solutions have been taken to the extreme with the rise of e-commerce.
At Vanguard Graphic you not only have the experience and technical knowledge of our team, but you can also receive creative advice to carry out your projects successfully.


The Point of Sale (POS) refers to a series of elements and materials placed at points of sale and purchase in order to attract the attention of consumers to buy the products they promote.
The potential of this type of displays is huge. In May 2021, despite the digital boom, the data shows that in Spain, 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale.
At Vanguard Graphic we have a long experience in the development of these showcases, don’t miss the opportunity to grow!

Formación – Orientación

At Vanguard Graphic we believe that knowledge is greater if we share it. That’s why we carry out seminars and workshops in prestigious centers, to bring light and reality to the Graphic Arts and Graphic Communication sector.
Together, we are creating a talented community based on transparency and good practices.


¡Descubre nuestro plan de RSC! Se trata del Proyecto Escuela Imprenta del que podrás
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We are aware of the difficulties that schools face in obtaining resources.
Following our sustainability policy and applying the 3-R’s rule, we ask ourselves: What if all printers donate the surpluses to schools instead of recycling them?
We are pioneers in the donation of graphic materials to schools for the development of pedagogical projects for children. If your company is interested in CSR, join our cause!


Te presentamos algunos de nuestros últimos proyecto, aunque hay mucho más por ver. Te invitamos a participar de una experiencia inmersiva en nuestras instalaciones. No dudes en contactarnos para visitarnos.