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Recommending innovative processes and materials, finding solutions for tailor-made projects, reinventing techniques and using them to make a product different from everyone else – It is Art.

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Due to the current economic context, schools have less economic resources.



Printing companies generate a huge amount of material during the production process.



If printers give their remaining materials to schools, what will be the result?



The material helps school with economic problems to develop pedagogical projects for pupils.


Welcome to our space where we will create your customized projects. A showroom where you can see, touch, smell a large amount of inconceivable materials. Furthermore, we will make a prototype so that you can see the rendering of your work. Send us an e-mail so that we make an appointment.


news_FIU Anestore

G.F. Smith & Vanguard Grafic

El passat dia 26 d’abril de 2018 vam tenir el plaer de compartir una jornada de papers amb G.F. Smith. Dins del local de FIU vam presentar el fantàstic catàleg de colorplan i al mateix temps vam poder compoartir experiències amb en Raul -pinkmorro- i els de Mr. Carton. Una tarda fantàstica per deixar-se portar […]

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cover pressing matters

Pressing Matter

In the last issue of the great printing magazine “printing matters”, we have appeared talking about our social initiative “school impremta” to help schools with resources problems. we are very gratefully fot this chance to explain in this great publication.    

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Pòsters 36days of types

  Seguint amb la col·laboració amb la iniciativa d’instagram 36 days of type, hem imprès conjuntament amb Unión Papelera el cartell 50x70cm en la nova HP indigo 12.000 digital. Es tracte d’un recull de lletres i números dissenyats expressament per aquesta iniciativa . La impressió s’ha fet en digital, amb el sistema HP indigo que ens va permetre poder imprimir en gran format, amb una qualitat semblant al offset i sobre un paper especial com és el Munken Kristall d’Unión Papelera. El […]

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Festival Blanc 2016 -Barcelona

This year as partners of the Festival Blanc, coincides with its change of location from Vilanova to Barcelona. It represents a huge leap forward for the festival and we had the opportunity to experience it first hand experience. In this edition, Andrés Requena was the one in charge of the development of the graphic design. […]

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